Wheel Cylinders

Bisector Wheel CylinderWheel cylinders are found inside the brake drums.

These are designed to transmit pressure from the pistons to the brake shoes via the brake fluid. When you put your foot on the brake pedal the brake shoes move outwards to contact the brake drum and so to slow down the vehicle. Most drum brakes are found on rear wheels, where the braking requirement is much less severe than on the front wheels.

Most wheel cylinders are made up of simple pistons inside a barrel. These barrels can become pitted or corroded over time from the hygroscopic (the brake fluid absorbs water) effect of the brake fluid. Corrosion makes very small, or sometimes larger, pit marks, or scores, on the bore of the cylinder and the marks cause leaks and the seals to wear away as they move, eventually reducing all brake pressure in the cylinder.wheel cylinder(copy)

Replacing the cylinder seals, or sometimes cups, is wasting money, as they will also wear in time.

CBC can resleeve the cylinder bore with a stainless steel sleeve and replace all the seals and boots. The stainless steel is non porous which prevents further corrosion.

CBC is able to resleeve many different types of wheel cylinders from very early model vehicles to large truck and commercial cylinders. We carry an extensive range of seals, cups and boots. We also carry a range of second hand parts to correct lost and broken components. CBC also stocks components for commercial handbrake cylinders that frequently wear.