Lathe-&-ToolingWhen a hydraulic brake component is initially put into service moisture begins to attack and pit the cylinder walls, eventually leading to leaks and failure of the component. Often they can no longer be honed back to usable condition so resleeving is the best way to restore them to better than original condition.

We resleeve with 304 drawn seamless stainless steel, using the Halray system, which ensures extreme accuracy. This provides quality whilst still remaining inexpensive. The stainless steel can be honed in a crosshatch pattern, which aids in lubrication. Stainless is also non porous and makes the cylinder have an extended life.

CBC can resleeve from a 11mm to 2 3/16” diameter bore including some metric and imperial bore sizes.

All cylinders or parts sent to us are kept separate so that the client’s original components are refitted to their cylinder. The cylinders are stripped, cleaned & shot blasted. Individual cylinders are measured for their bore size and length of the sleeve to be fitted. The cylinders are then bored using six-fluted tungsten tipped adjustable cutters. When the new sleeve has been pressed into the bore all the fluid, port and compensating holes are redrilled. The next stage is the honing and then the cylinders are rekitted before checking and repainting ready for dispatch.

Resleeving is cost effective in many applications and necessary for most restoration projects as many parts are no longer available to be purchased.

Resleeving is often superior in quality to the original cylinder.

Resleeving, or remanufacturing helps the environment by:

  • Conserving energy and reducing air pollution by keeping parts out of the resmelting process for a longer period of time.
  • Extending product life saves raw materials.
  • Landfills are spared from the dumping of millions of tonnes of discarded metal.

Studies done by the Fraunhofer Institute in Stuttgart, Germany have indicated:

  • Energy saved by the remanufacturing worldwide in a year equals the electricity generated by 5 nuclear power plants or 10,774,000 barrels of crude oil which corresponds to a fleet of 233 oil tankers.
  • Raw materials, annually, saved by remanufacturing worldwide fill 155,000 railroad cars forming a train 1100 miles long.


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