Meet the team


Nicole Gibbs

Nicole Started at CBC in 2012, after working as a Aeronautical Engineer for 10 years. She wanted a change of scenery and has now brought the business off her parents, Maurice & Dale. They have now retired after 21 years in the industry and are enjoying the easier quieter life.

Grant Fry
Grant has been with us since 2001. He is a wealth of knowledge and is our current 'Booster' expert.

Ben Hyde
Ben has been with us since 2002. He started out working for us as a after school job, and then once he left school he changed to Full Time.

Georgia Johnson
Georgia started in 2018, fresh out of school. She is very mechanically minded and enjoys working on, and driving her stock car in her spare time.

Phil Smith
Phil started here in 2019. He is a wealth of car knowledge and is our current 'Cables" expert.

Tyler Gibbs
Tyler started with us in 2021, after working as a builder for the last 8 years. He is very practical and has enjoyed working on his own vehicles at home since he left school.

We are all extremely honest and pride ourselves on our own high level of excellence and would not do any job that did not meet our exacting requirements.