Testing booster brakesA brake booster is typically located between the brake pedal and the brake master cylinder and makes the braking job easier. Often they look like a round black canister.

The brake booster is designed to create a greater braking force from minimum pedal effort.

Boosters are not really necessary for 4 wheel drum brakes (there is no rotor or disc pads or calipers on drum brakes). With most current cars having disc brakes, at least on the front, they need a brake booster, or power brakes as they can also be called. Without a booster a lot of drivers would get very tired legs.

Boosters are commonly vacuum powered and they run off the vacuum created by the suction of the engine when it is running. Normally when a booster fails you may have to step on the brake pedal much harder to bring the vehicle to a stop. In many high performance vehicles this can make a drastic difference and you should check this immediately.

As your booster ages, the rubber seals and diaphragms that hold the vacuum tend to wear out and crack.

Most boosters can be rebuilt, providing all the required parts are available.booster truck(copy)

We specialise in restoring and overhauling many American vehicle boosters and stock many components to enable this work to be done with a fast turn around.

There is quite a lot of work involved in rebuilding a booster and it is best to err on the safety side by having CBC to professionally rebuild your booster, especially if you have not attempted one previously.

CBC is committed to provide quality products and workmanship to keep all of our customers completely satisfied.

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