Since the 70’s most cars are fitted with front wheel disc brakes, but it is also now quite common to have rear disc brakes as well.

Disc brakes work better than drum brakes in wet conditions, as they can fling water off better and are easier to cool down after severe braking.

The disc, or rotor, is a heavy plate attached to the wheel hub so as to provide a two-sided braking surface. The caliper straddles the disc, like a clamp, and when pressure is applied via the brake fluid onto the caliper piston it pinches the disc between the disc pads and slows the wheel and your vehicle down.
caliper pistons(copy)
Calipers have many designs and need to move freely.

Brake calipers require new seals from time to time and sometimes the pistons tend to rust solidly in the caliper.

We can overhaul the caliper assembly replacing seals, dust boots and pistons if necessary. CBC has an extensive range of caliper pistons and we can also resleeve the caliper piston, up to 45mm diameter (and a few specific sizes larger), if the pistons are unavailable to replace.

CBC does not work from component catalogue listings but we are happy to sight your old components to match them for you, if you do not require a full overhaul.

There are many variations in prices because of the complexity of some calipers, especially the rear ones. Most rear calipers have a handbrake mechanism in them, which frequently leak. A Mazda caliper is often turned down for a warrant of fitness because of this leaking handbrake. CBC can overhaul these types of calipers and we replace the pin bore. Mazda Caliper(copy)

When any caliper, or other component, is fully overhauled by CBC we guarantee the work that we have completed to our exacting standards.