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Maurice & Dale Bulford

Maurice & Dale purchased CBC in November 2000 together and offer over 40 years of combined business experience. Maurice is a qualified mechanic and builder, making him hands on; Dale compliments this partnership with her extensive parts, administration background and marketing.

In 1992 we won a national award for marketing and also one for outstanding customer service. In 1993 we won a New Zealand wide award for excellence in retailing and best business. We have also won a number of regional retailing and marketing awards. The hard work and experience achieved from winning these awards, together with our dedicated team of staff has assisted us in taking on the challenge of building up a business in the motor vehicle industry learning new aspects which include law changes and governances.

Having rebuilt an old Humber, Cortina, and a couple of Escorts Maurice’s latest project, together with our daughter, is rebuilding a 1955 Dodge pick up converting it into a hot rod. This has however been pushed down the level of priorities as they had to build a truck to carry our horses to shows, putting the Dodge on hold for the time being. Maurice would like to be able to spend more time in the beautiful high country of the South Island trout fishing, but unfortunately time does not always allow for this to happen. He enjoys customer rapport, which often turns to fishing and also restoration projects, as many customers are restoration enthusiasts.


Dale has spent a lot of time making & showing porcelain dolls and also sewing bears. Although rewarding we have now reached saturation point and do not need any more.


Maurice & Dale live on a small lifestyle block on the edge of Christchurch and are often involved in horse events and shows. They haven’t had to bring a foal to work but many customers have enjoyed seeing a lamb being feed at work during the day, when the need has arisen.


We are extremely honest and pride ourselves on our own high level of excellence and would not do any job that did not meet our exacting requirements.


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